Tragic Loss of Another Angel

This is a story posted by a dear old friend of mine. Her blog brings inspiration and encouragement to grieving mothers of miscarriage. Her story is about the fight for adoption and the coping of loss and tragedy. Her faith is in the Lord and her strength is in Him too. 

Her honesty brings safety to her readers and allows them to be real about pain. She makes no promises for healing, but declares her testimony of its power in her life. Grieving is indeed a process and it has it place with love and loss.

I personally have not experienced this sort of loss, but my gratitude goes to the boldness of the Zibells for sharing their testimony. Spread the word to any you know who have lost a child in the womb.

The pain will not cease, but the coping will increase. Grief has a job. It is a necessary spiritual and emotional process to help the mind cope with such a failure of expectation. There is no right way to do it. There is no words to cure it, nor advice to treat it.

I honor the mothers who have to feel this pain. My heart is with you this holiday season…



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